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Important Issues When Utilizing Web Blogs

The advent of technology brings many things that humans have never imagined. One of these is the internet. The power of the internet brings things closer to us and makes the world smaller and narrower. The internet paved the way to radical and far-reaching means of communication.

Through the internet, people communicate with no limitations. One way of communicating in the internet is through web blogs. A web blog or web log is a website that displays journals posted in chronological order by individuals or groups and usually has links to other web pages and to video, audio and other links.

There are different web blogs that focuses on a particular area interests. These include the arts, home, computers, recreation, science, sports, business, games, internet, reference, shopping, world, comics, health, news, world regions, society etc.

Blogs are far different from traditional sites and forums or newsgroups. Unlike traditional sites, blogs allow the easy creation of new pages for entering and submitting new data into a simple form. Automated templates take care of adding the article to the home page, creating the new full article page and adding the article to the appropriate date or category- base archive.

Blogs also allow easy filtering of content for various presentations and allows the administrator to invite and add other authors whose permissions and access are easily managed.

Bloggers do not manage the software. The software management is done by server- based systems. These systems allow travelers to blog from anywhere in the world with web interfaces. Those bloggers with common interests share blogrolls, list of links that create a context for a blog, and help each other increase their visibility on the internet.

Visitors can post comment to individual blog entries with the aid of feedback comment system. Those popular blogs have frequent comments, but many bloggers prefer to just pre- screen or block comments.

Users can maintain web- hosted blog even without the need to be online while composing or editing posted blogs through the use of tools. There is software available or programs enabling multiple blogs to be automatically notified where certain topical or other changes can be made to one blog.

Like the other innovations in the technology, blogs and blogging brings advantages and disadvantages. This is a fact that exists in every thing being introduced in the world.

With blogs, the citizens and costumers are potentially better informed. This is good for societies and economies for it makes people knowledgeable on the things that are happening in the world.

Blogs are a positive way of collecting feedback and criticism. It keeps people on point. Through blogs, people can offer comentary; react to certain pieces and many others.
Through blogs, an organization or the society can develop stronger relationships and make loyalty with the people. Blogs let people interact at face value of an organization.

Despite the pros it brings, blogs also have some cons as well. One is that, in blogs, most people are unable to write down their ideas in a clear and convincing way. Since writing is one of the most difficult and time consuming tasks for a human being to undertake and many blogs are not updated, so it damages the reputation of an organization or society rather than enhancing it.

Since everything can be posted in blogs, it can make many organizations look like they are disorganized with multiple tones and opinions. Contrary to what some might think, the average person prefers that the organization or society is at least somewhat purposeful and rational.

Web blogs are really an innovation of technology users cannot ignore because it brings many things to the public. The benefits blogging offers should also be used properly for the good of all concerned and not for worse.

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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Top 10 Things Every Site Should Include

While almost anyone can have a web site these days it’s much harder to have a good website. From design aspects to readable content many sites fall flat. Below I’ve arranged a Top 10 list, because everyone loves a Top 10!
1. Include a detailed About Us page.
The About Us page is a good place for new visitors and target traffic to find out who you are, why they should read your content or buy your products, how valuable your site can be, and also general information about your company, web site, or you. It’s a good idea to include contact information or at least a clear link to your Contact Us page. Keep concise and accurate. People want to read about you but they don’t want a novel. Add important information on this page and point them to other pages for more in depth coverage.
2. Include a Contact Us page
Visitors (shoppers, target traffic) need an easy way to get in touch. Have a clearly marked link for contact information and include every avenue you receive communication through. Telephone and fax numbers (both local and 800), e-mail addresses, physical addresses, etc. all should appear on this page.To help navigate further, clearly indicate which contacts go where (i.e. Admin, Tech, Sales, etc.) This will decrease frustration on both ends and allow better communication to flow. You want to show your visitors that you are competent and friendly, being easy to contact is one of the best ways to accomplish this goal.
3. Add a News, Press Release, Blog, and/or Articles Page
These pages inform customers of current events, products, endorsements, and other company happenings all in one place. Make sure to maintain these pages with fresh content that is reader friendly so your target traffic is more likely to come back, bookmark your page, and they may even provide word-of-mouth advertising. Free advertising!As a bonus, search engines love these types of pages. New, fresh, relevant content is the stuff of search engines (well, there’s obviously more to it than just content). Each time a search engine spider crawls your site and finds new content it ups your chances of ranking higher in the organic search listings. More free advertising!
4. A Relevant Page Title
As uninteresting as this may sound your page title holds a lot of weight. If you’re unfamiliar with a page title it is the name appearing in the blue bar across the top of the page. If your says something like “Untitled Document” I’m talking to you.Page titles should be different for every page in your site. They should clearly and accurately describe your page, and you should try to use keywords in the page title.Search engines display the title of your page on SERPs. The catchier and more accurate your title the better the chance you’ll hit target traffic.
5. A Relevant Page Name
Again, not so interesting as flashy designs or up-to-the-minute content, but it’s a necessity to get your target traffic to your page to see or read the goods. It’s better to have straightforward page name showing in the URL than names with? or other symbols and numbers. For example, a search engine will go to " us.htm" it will only go to the? In "" . You want search engines to find your pages. You also want humans to be able to read your names. Keep it simple and clean.
6. Good Grammar, Correct Spelling, Complete Thoughts, Sentence Structure
Everything you were supposed to learn in grade school, use it now. Not only should your site have relevant content – the more the better – people should be able to read your content. Choppy or runon sentences that seem to go nowhere cannot provide the type of readership concise, correct sentences can. Misspellings, wrong word usage, bad grammar are all distractions. You do not want to distract your readers, you want to captivate them. Slang and derogatory language also distracts. If your site is a business site avoid slang and offensive language all together – unless that’s your selling point. Jargon is different; just don’t confuse readers more than necessary.If you aren’t in command of grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, etc. or if you’d rather focus your efforts elsewhere, that’s fine. It’s a good idea to beg, plead, hire, or force someone else to take care of this part then as ignoring the problem won’t make it go away though it may have that effect on site traffic.
7. Professional Design, Colors, and Images
Design should be implemented with usability in mind. Not all visitors will be as web savvy as you’d like, create easy navigation and links to all your pages. A search bar for your site is also a good idea. Colors should be inviting, not blinding. Use colors to emphasize your brand, product or content. Don’t overpower the visitor with colors. Use colors to make text pop without being distracting or hard to read. Images should be friendly and relevant to your site. Images of people work better than objects and clip art rarely has a positive effect. Make sure your images can load within a reasonable amount of time, you don’t want to lose visitors because a single image caused an incredible amount of load time, or worse froze the visitors browser.
8. Make Sure ALL Links Are Working Links
This should be a no-brainer, however it is always a good idea to check and double check your links. Fix any broken links A.S.A.P. Your reputation counts on it. Think of any site you’ve been to with a broken link. Disappointing isn’t it? You probably left or at least had a negative image about the company. Avoid this mistake and check, recheck, and check your links again.
9. Use Your Log Files
Log files offer a plethora of information on your web site, your visitors, what works and what doesn’t. You can’t afford to miss out on this information – if you can afford it you shouldn’t anyway.Make sure you enable logging of the referer in your log files. By doing this you'll be able to determine where your visitors arrive from. Best idea: Get a program that converts the lengthy text into readable documentation. It’ll save you time and energy while getting you the information you desire. Log files will describe customer behavior, they will show you broken links, and you’ll see where customers flow freely and where they abandon the site. The invaluable information is at your finger tips. Use it!
10. SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificates
These can be used on any site asking for sensitive information. Not every web site needs this, however if you plan to collect any visitor information it is a good idea to have some SSL pages. Though not every page need be SSL. Pages requiring e-mail, names, telephone numbers, addresses, credit card information, social security information or any other information visitors may not readily be giving up online should be securely collected via SSL.

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Top 10 Reasons to Become an Affiliate Marketer

Top 10 Reasons to Become an Affiliate Marketer
Back when my online business consisted ONLY of affiliatesites, I had no need for a personal assistant.
The sites were all in place, and my affiliated merchants handled everything related to orders.
Last week, one of my clients mentioned that he was movingAWAY from selling his own products to promoting more affiliate programs just for the simplicity and freedom.
Yup, he definitely 'gets' it.
Although there are many, many benefits to promotingaffiliate programs with your own home-based Internetbusiness, here are my top 10 reasons to become an affiliatemarketer.
1. No Product Development Costs - The cost to develop andproduce a new product is expensive! But you needn't worryabout that as an affiliate.
2. Low Cost Set-up - Got a desk, Internet-connected computerand word-processing software? You're in business!
3. No Fees or Geographic Limits on Distribution - Affiliateprograms are usually free to join, and market reach islimited only by the affiliate's ability to promote his orher web site.
4. Choose from Thousands of Products and Services - Whatisn't sold online? With affiliate networks like CommissionJunction, Be Free and Linkshare, it's easy to find productsrelated to your current or planned web site.
5. No Merchant Account Required - Forget the problemsassociated with collecting and storing names, addresses,credit card numbers, etc. The merchant handles all paymentprocessing, so you never have to lose sleep overchargebacks, fraud or losing your merchant account.
6. No Inventory to Carry - Even if you live in a smallone-bedroom apartment, you can sell large items withoutstorage concerns.
7. No Shipping Costs - Don’t worry about buying packingsupplies or postal rates. The cost and hassle to prepare andship products to customers worldwide belongs to themerchant.
8. No Customer Concerns - Do you hate the prospect of dealingwith nasty people? Don't worry about it! The merchanthandles the snivelers.
9. Make Money While You Sleep - What other business allowsyou as a sole proprietor to keep your doors open and keepmaking money even when you take breaks or after you go homefor the night?
10. High Income Potential - With your own affiliatebusiness your income potential is limited only by yourdesire, effort and imagination - not your boss.
Relatively low outlay of resources with huge potential returns truly makes affiliate marketing on the Internet an outstanding business opportunity
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More Rich Jerk News

Are you tired and frustrated of so-called internet marketing strategies that do not work, then I highly suggest that you seriously consider the Rich Jerk. The Rich Jerk has been considered a phenomenon within the Internet Marketing Community today. I know there is a lot of hype surrounding his style and teachings, but you need to look at the nature of it first before you pass judgment.

Is his style rude, abrasive and arrogant? It is for some but please do not let that offend you. He has helped thousands of individuals like you who are in the business to make money online. His methods have stood the test of time and are guaranteed to work. If you simply apply his techniques you will succeed.

It is true that many website owners already have well established websites and are making an income online, but for some webmasters that are looking for that extra edge to explode their online earnings then please consider the Rich Jerk. Think about this for a moment how many so called internet gurus have come forward in the public eye to effectively establish their marketing strategies? The Rich Jerk has his own infomercial, radio spots and talks have already started to expand into satellite radio and join forces with a nationally known disk jockey.

To further establish his credibility he recently made an appearance at the Pre-MTV awards Style Lounge he sponsored in Hollywood on June 1 and on the 2nd. He had the opportunity to mingle with some famous celebrities and shared some of his strategies and ideologies. He also has shared his good fortune by raising money for Youth Aids as well.

Now you might be saying well how is this all going to help me? The answer to that is pretty simple. If want to learn from the best and have the ability to follow step by step instructions with no fluff or filler than visit
Don't be afraid, You won't Regret it:)

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AdSense Craze

Are you constantly wondering why your website isn't making any money? Sure - you can try and sell your own products or even promote other people's.
But one of the best ways to turn your website into a round-the-clock money machine is to join Google's AdSense program and start showing AdSense ads.
If you're doing this already then what I'm about to tell you has the potential to triple your earnings overnight.
A big claim? Yes, but I've just seen the videos that everyone is talking about - Michael Cheney's AdSense Videos.
Michael earns over $19,000 every month with AdSense and for the very first time he's actually comes clean and in exclusive videos shows you EXACTLY HOW HE DOES IT.
He goes through, in minute detail, exactly what to do and shows you with simple steps exactly what's involved. And after each video you also get a series of easy-to-follow actions that you go through to accomplish what was covered in the video - it's made really straightforward which means you can see the results on your AdSense earnings very quickly.
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Part Time Income

Many people love the idea of having some extra part time income and would love to be able to enjoy spending time with their family and friends. Some work part time and are involved in a variety of loose-ended jobs: delivering newspapers, selling encyclopedias door to door and even selling a little insurance. Although these experiences teach the basics of sales techniques and perseverance, they rarely offer any significant amount of income. Some even try the infamous MLM opportunities and, as many, are thoroughly disappointing.

Some of these so-called “home based businesses” promise a lot of people of achieving great wealth. They prey on unsuspecting folks with the idea of utilizing their families and friends and then having them recruit their friends, as well, for the purpose of generating sales. Some even require big start up costs for the purchase of their products and then a sacrifice of the first couple of sales to a “sponsor” or “mentor” before any income is reflected. Lastly, money back guarantees are rarely offered.

Scams are everywhere: illegal pyramids, ponzi, chain letters and gifting schemes. The owners of these companies love the idea of taking advantage of the individuals recruited performing all of the sales for them while they are banking the money. What is worse is that these people had to spend practically an arm and a leg to even get access to these programs. They offer absolutely no support and never respond to any email inquiries or telephone calls. A complete waste of time!!! As the old saying goes, if it looks to good to be true than it probably is.

What ever happened to good old fashion instruction on how you can build your part time home based business - establishing sound fundamentals with little or no-start up costs. People want to find a particular income vehicle that they can operate out of the comfort of their own home. The Internet has provided this as a reality for many in the form of Internet Marketing. Many work-from-home opportunities have been investigated online and some have been found that seem extremely appealing. Again, as with most home-based business programs, care is always to be taken to avoid making irrational decisions.

There are programs available that include basic instructional guides with respect to making an income on-line. Some have excellent email support and they even offer money back guarantees on their products. What you want to look for are programs that cost less than what you would pay for a full tank of gas or dinner for 2 at a neighborhood restaurant. These types of programs will guide you in the right direction and assist you with defining your goals and aspirations. Remember without having to sacrifice your full time job, family, and friends, anyone can achieve an excellent part time income. Visit for more info

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Affiliate Cash Vault Review

Have you been considering the Affiliate Cash Vault? Or are you looking to start making some cash working from the comfort of your home?
My review of Affiliate Cash Vault - The pros and cons!
This program includes: 3 e-books, Page generator software, (works like a dream)-Multiple show you "how to do it" videos, Dozens very good resources. -A very valuable keyword list and ongoing help! The Affiliate Cash Vault recipe for making $200 week and that is just the beginning.

Affiliate Cash Vault -The Good
I was really impressed with the 2 methods of earning cash on auto-pilot presented in the affiliate cash vault. I am impressed because they work. The first, marketing affiliate programs is not new and if done correctly the resources for making affiliate income on auto-pilot in the affiliate cash vault is what truly set this apart from other programs. The second method is truly and utterly amazing. It is basically known as Google arbitrage, in simple terms buying traffic for pennies and selling it for dollars. This is a very hard field to find information on because people doing it aren't letting "the cat out of the bag" if you will To my knowledge there is only one other resource covering Google arbitrage and it can't even come close to the affiliate cash vault course. You are given every tool and resource to make this work for you.

Affiliate Cash Vault - The Bad
The very first thing that irritated me was the lay out. After purchasing the course, I was a little confused on where to download the book. After looking at it a bit I realized that there was a whole lot more to the affiliate cash vault than just a book. The top of the page is where you can find the quick start links. Then downloads of the books, videos and software is on the bottom of the page.

Affiliate Cash Vault - Overall review
My overall review is that if you are new to making money on the internet or have not made any money at all then grab it now! This course is made for the extreme "newbie" internet marketer. This is the least expensive course I have ever purchased that had so much overall value. Highest Recommendation.

If you are already making some money on the internet and are not a "newbie", I would still recommend the Affiliate Cash Vault. WHY? The resources alone are worth the price alone, plus the web page software included is currently performing on an average of 20% click thru rate which is almost unheard of! Find out more at

The Rich Jerk

The Rich Jerk is a bestselling E-book written by an anonymous millionaire who reveals the secrets about how he used to create fortune. It is not really a step-by-step guide to making money, but actually a book of ideas and instructions. Any one of the ideas, if applied correctly, could possibly make you extremely wealthy. I have absolutely no clue who the Rich Jerk is, and really, don't care. The information in the book was solid and original. I had to read it a couple of time though to properly grasp the ideology of making an income online. Some of the topics covered in the book are:

Making money with affiliate programs, making money with Adwords, AdSense, E-currency Trading, HYIP, selling on Ebay and Search Engine Optimization strategies.

For the most part, I thought this was an excellent book because it covered so many different topics. It was easy to read, and only 64 pages. But don't let the length fool you into thinking there is not much information. The Rich Jerk had better content that most other ebooks I have read, which were typically much longer and filled with a lot of wasted and repeated junk.

I recommend the Rich Jerk to anyone who wants to start an online business, but is not sure which opportunity to pursue. People who already have a business, but want some fresh ideas on marketing and making more money with their sites will benefit from the material. Be advised, the Rich Jerk is not for the faint of heart or for those who are easily offended. His style of instruction is a one two punch on how to make a ton of money on the internet. For more information please go to

I started this blog to discuss reviews of the very best internet opportunities available today. Internet marketing is and has been the wave of the future. It is probably the most lucrative way of obtaining extra part time income. There are many ways to accomplish this in the comfort of your own home and many of these business programs have very little start up costs. In the pursuit of establishing an internet income program always try to look for those that have an email support staff, sound instruction and most importantly a money back guarantees.